The claim that violence is an essential human condition perhaps overlooks the purposeful ideological machine that spurs our brutality and profits from it, be it in the form of civil wars and genocides or isolated domestic homicides. For Canadian artists Sandra Bromley & Wallis Kendal, the seemingly universal culture of violence ispropelled by an invisible economy,namely, theglobal trafficking of weapons. Where the worldwidedissemination of arms takes place throughclandestine exchanges—between governments,terrorists, gangs, or on the black market—Bromleyand Kendal’s Gun Sculpture makes the secret lifeof weapons visible. Standing at 8ft high x 12ft longx 8ft wide, and weighing 5 tons, the rectangularstructure is a monstrous aggregate of over 7000deactivated weapons, including handguns, AK47s,rifles, landmines, and ammunition...more>>

Amanda Boetzkes, 2010